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There's hardly anything more valuable than your time. So ADP FCU's services are built for your convenience, to help you save time. From Home Banking to Direct Connect Audio Response Telephone Service, to our nationwide surcharge-free ATMs and local Service Center networks, we're available when - and where you need access to your money.

ATM Card
Access your ADP FCU accounts at any ATM terminal in our extensive nationwide network. Service fees may apply.

Use your ADP Federal Credit Union ATM Card and PIN to:

  • Withdraw cash from your account at ATMs and Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals
  • Make deposits at NYCE machines in NJ, any CO-OP Network deposit taking ATM terminal
  • Transfer money between allowable accounts
  • Verify account balances

    Money Management Tips

  • Access your ADP FCU accounts at ATM terminals on the PLUS, NYCE, American Express, HONOR, EXCHANGE, and the CO-OP and Credit Union 24 surcharge-free networks
  • Always chose a surcharge-free ATM and manage your use of your card to avoid unnecessary fees

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Visa® Check Card
Two convenient cards in one, your Visa Check Card lets you make purchases - and it's also an ATM card. Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases are automatically deducted from your ADP FCU Share Draft/Checking Account; ATM withdrawals are automatically deducted from your ADP FCU Share Draft/Checking or Primary Share Savings Account. (Please note: the card is available to ADP FCU Checking Account holders.) Service fees may apply.

Use your Visa Check Card to:

  • "Purchase goods and services anywhere Visa cards are accepted - no ID hassles or check acceptance problems. Simply swipe your card, and sign the sales slip
  • Use the card to order goods or services by mail or telephone or online from merchants that accept Visa cards
  • Make automatic payments from your account to pay bills and/or other charges, provided that the payee agrees to accept payments in this manner

Or, use it as an ATM card to:

  • Withdraw cash from your Account at ATMs and POS terminals
  • Make deposits at NYCE machines in NJ and any CO-OP Network deposit taking ATM terminal
  • Transfer money between allowable accounts
  • Verify account balances

    Money Management Tips

  • Access your ADP FCU accounts at ATM terminals on the PLUS, NYCE, American Express, HONOR, EXCHANGE and the CO-OP and Credit Union 24 surcharge-free networks
  • When using your Visa Check Card, remember to tell the cashier, "This is a credit transaction." Do not punch in your PIN; instead, sign the credit slip
  • A credit transaction does not count towards your 5 monthly ATM withdrawals. It debits your ADP FCU Checking account without incurring additional usage fees

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Nationwide ATMs/Shared Branches
Surcharge-Free ATMS: ADP FCU partners with two ATM networks to provide you with access to your accounts, economically and conveniently, wherever you live, work, or travel in the US.

  • Find thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, including many at certain nationwide retailers
  • Click on one of icons below to link to either network and use the locator for maps of the ATMs in your area

Credit Union Shared Branches: If you have a financial transaction that cannot be done online or on the phone, we have a local branch presence near you! ADP FCU participates in a nationwide network of credit unions that extend their services to our members.

  • Monday through Saturday convenience
  • Make deposits
  • Withdraw large dollar amounts (Some restrictions may apply, based on a location's cash availability)
  • Withdraw Bank Check
  • Make ADP FCU Loan payments

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Travelers' and Gift Cheques and Visa Gift Cards

  • Available at our Roseland and Alpharetta locations

Home Banking and Online Bill Payment
FREE Home Banking: It couldn't be easier, more convenient, or more popular! Manage your money from any computer or wireless device with Internet access whenever, and wherever it's convenient for you.

  • Verify account balances
  • View checks with Check Imaging
  • Review transaction histories
  • Identify drafts (checks) that have cleared
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make ADP FCU loan and MasterCard payments
  • Pay your bills online with Bill Payer
  • And more!

Online Bill Payment: Optional easy access, easy system. Save time, save check printing and postage expenses! Nominal fee applies.

  • Schedule your bills to be paid on time, automatically
  • Recordkeeping is easy
  • Set one-time or recurring payments
  • Bill payment activity is detailed In Monthly Statements
  • Access is easy on our Home page
  • Information is secure

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Phone Banking
Direct Connect Audio Response Telephone Service: Access your ADP FCU accounts using a phone. Call anytime from anywhere, 24/7/365.

  • Verify account balances
  • Review account histories
  • Request check withdrawal mailed to your home address on file
  • Make immediate money transfers within your account and with a shared account
  • Make immediate loan payment transfers within your account or with a shared account
  • Find informational menu of products and services, rates, and terms
  • 7 FREE calls per month

Call (973) 974-7600, option 1. ADP FCU account number and PIN required.
Fax-on-Demand: To have a form faxed to you, call (973) 974-7600, option 6.


Wire Transfer
Contact the Credit Union for a Wire Transfer form at 973-974-7600 Option 3 or email us at


Direct Deposit and Payroll Deductions
When you need quick, secure deposit of your net or partial pay, Social Security, pension, or other regular check(s) into your ADP FCU accounts, choose FREE Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction.

  • Your money is electronically transferred and immediately available every pay period
  • Allows for direct debits or credits from your creditors, brokers, investment clubs, health clubs, etc.
  • ADP FCU is a Repository ACH Institution, so your creditor, broker, employer, etc., must be able to initiate ACH transactions for this feature to work

You will need to furnish the following information to the institution that will initiate the direct deposit or withdrawal:

Bank name: ADP Federal Credit Union
One ADP Boulevard
Roseland, NJ 07068
Bank ABA number: 221283130
Account number: Your 9-digit ADP FCU Account number (no dashes)
Account type: Primary Share Savings or Checking

Money Management Tips:

  • ADP Associates, go to the ADP Associate Portal to start or make changes to your Direct Deposit
  • You can also distribute your payroll deduction by filling out the ADP Credit Union Deposit Information screen. For questions regarding the Associate Portal, contact your HR or Payroll Administrator
  • For questions regarding payroll Direct Deposit into ADP FCU accounts, call 973-974-7600

Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Form


Check Reorder
Please follow the link below to reorder your checks through Clarke American.


Other Free Services

  • FREE Fed Ex of Car Loan checks
  • FREE Signature Guarantees (available in Roseland)
  • FREE Notary Service (available in Roseland)

A full-service financial services provider, ADP FCU offers these additional services to members:

  • GAP Coverage (call 973-974-7600 for information)
  • Investments
  • Family Membership
  • Financial Planning(MEMBERS Financial Network (MFN)
  • Discount Insurance Programs (MEMBERS Financial Network (MFN)
  • NADA Guides: New & Used Auto Pricing guide lets you search by vehicle make, year, new, and used
    • Calculate the monthly payments right on the site
    • Use the Advanced Search option for information on drive trains, transmissions, and more


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