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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Broadridge Members

  1. Once I send in my direct deposit authorization form, how can I make my Credit Union Distributions?
    Please download and complete the following form. Please then either fax or mail the form to the credit union.

  2. If I am a current ADPFCU member, what will happen after the spin-off?
    Existing members will see no change in their ADPFCU membership.

  3. What will happen to my direct deposit to ADPFCU after the spin-off?
    There will be no change to your direct deposit to ADPFCU after the spin-off.

  4. What if I am not currently an ADPFCU member?
    Broadridge Associates are welcome to join ADPFCU.

  5. Will ADPFCU continue onsite visits to Broadridge locations?
    Yes, we will continue to visit Broadridge locations.



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