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  • 3/23/2010


    You are wonderful! Thank you so much for your assistance. It is service of this nature that has made me loyal to ADPFCU. I hope your supervisor/manager recognizes and appreciates the excellent customer service you provide.

    Thank you,

    -Faye, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • 3/12/2010


    Thank you for such a quick response to my inquiry. It is because of great ADP Credit Union employees, like you, that I continue to bank with ADP Credit Union. Please feel free to forward my e-mail response to your manager, as great service deserves great recognition!

    Thank you,

    -Connie, Charlotte, NC

  • 12/2/2009


    Thank you for always taking care of what I need at ADP Federal Credit Union. I wish all of my dealings with other institutions were as nice!

    Thank you,

    -Judith D, NJ

  • 12/2/2009

    Ms. Rodrigues,

    Recently one of my Share Certificates matured. I called in the week before and was put in touch with Aileen.

    Aileen answered every question and took care of every request promptly and cordially.

    I just want to tell you that I think she has done an excellent job and is an excellent employee.

    Thank you,

    -Jenny L, California

  • 11/12/2009


    "Thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday. I have to tell you that the ADP [Federal Credit Union] is by far the best financial institution I have ever worked with. Everyone has been extremely professional and helpful!!"

    -Diane K, Colorado

  • 11/12/2009


    "Thank you very much for all of your help. I am truly impressed how quickly you processed everything.

    Once again, thank you and have a great weekend."

    -Thomas R, Florida

  • "I love the Credit Union! I have recommended - and do recommend - joining ADPFCU. I refinanced an automobile with ADPFCU, and the experience was great. All of my questions were promptly answered. I never felt out of the loop. In addition to the loan, I have a share certificate with ADPFCU. This too was a great experience.

    I am a member of ADPFCU and proud of it! I encourage you to join."  

    -Joan S., Parsippany NJ

  • "I have worked with ADP for more than 20 years, and throughout this time I have also been a member of ADP Federal Credit Union. I have held a number of automobile loans with ADPFCU, and let me tell you - the service and attention is consistently outstanding. If you are not already a member of ADPFCU, I highly recommend that you join the credit union!"

    -Robert D, Florham Park, NJ

  • "I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an easy, fast and pleasant experience you provided me in applying for and receiving my home equity loan. I originally spoke to Countrywide and Wells Fargo and ADPFCU was the obvious choice for me! The competitive rate and NO FEES are very attractive! I've been telling co-workers all around me in the Santa Clara, CA office that if they need any type of loan, call ADP Credit Union and they will take good care of you!

    I've had a variety of home mortgage products over the years on different properties I've owned and this was by far the best experience. You sure have your act together!"

    -Laureen M, Santa Clara

  • "What first inspired me to join ADPFCU was the ability to save money for a vacation and the holidays with a Holiday Club Account and Vacation Club Account! It is so easy - I just opened the accounts with ADPFCU, and then set up my direct deposit and presto! In a year I saved the money I needed. If you want an easy way to save money, I recommend taking a look at ADPFCU!"

    -Jean C, Parsippany

  • "My ADP Federal Credit Union Rewards Platinum MasterCard is a real winner! I am able to quickly - and easily - earn points towards travel rewards. Even better, I am able to pick flights and airlines that are convenient to ME! If you are interested in an easy to use Rewards MasterCard, I recommend ADPFCU!"

    -Kathy R, St Louis.

  • "My joining ADP Credit Union has truly been a great experience for me. All of the representatives of ADP Credit Union are very professional and [have] a wealth of knowledge."




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