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Savings/Checking Accounts
Monthly Service FREE
Minimum Balance/Account Maintenance Fees
  Less than $50. Share Balance, per month $5.00
  Less than $500. Average Daily Balance, Saver’s Checking $10.00
  Less than $5000. Aggregate Monthly, Investor’s Checking $25.00
  eSavers Chng: Dir Dep & eStatements
requirement not met
Share withdrawal by check (less than $200)
New account closed within 90 days $15.00
Club account closed early $10.00
Wire Transfer
  Domestic $20.00
  International $35.00
Foreign Deposit Collection $5.00 + Bank Fee
Stop Payment
  Stop Payment Check/ACH $20.00
  Share Withdrawal/Club Check $20.00
  Bill Payment/Research $35.00
Auto Transfer from Savings to Checking $5.00
Returned Check Deposit $30.00
Returned or Paid NSF Check/ACH $30.00
Return or Paid Uncollected Check/ACH $30.00
Check Collection $30.00
Check Printing Dependent upon style selected

Copies of Checks
  Closed Clearing House

Excessive transaction made by Service Rep, each $1.50
(use automated services)
Dormant Fee*, monthly
*(no member initiated activity for 24 months) The fee will be accessed the month following the dorman date and each subsequent month)


Application Fee $5.00
2nd Co-maker Application $5.00
Loan Cancellation $50.00
Title Correction $5.00 + State fee
Sale of Collateral Stock Fee $50.00
Returned Check Deposit - Loan Payment $30.00
Subordination Fee $150.00
CARFAX Fee $20.00


ATM/VISA Check Card Access, per month
( add $1.50 per withdrawal IN EXCESS of 5 per month, except for ADP members using ADPFCU owned ATMs. Fee is waived with an aggregate share balance of $5,000 or an eSavers, Savers, or Investors Checking Account.)
eSavers Checking: Out-of-Network ATM usage
per transaction
ATM/Visa Check Card Overdraft for NSF $30.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $ .25
ATM/VISA Check Card Replacement $10.00
ATM or VISA PIN Replacement $10.00
Direct Connect calls after 7 per month, each $1.00
Re-key Direct Connect PIN after initial setup $5.00
Home Banking FREE
Bill Payment
  eSavers, Savers or
Investors Checking Account
  Basic Checking
  Combined Share Balance $5,000 or Greater, Unlimited Checks Paid $4.95
  Share Balances Under $5,000
  12 Checks Paid $6.95
  Each Check Over 12 $0.35 each
Bill Pay Research Request $35.00
CU Service Center Transactions
  Deposits FREE
  Loan Payments FREE
  Check/Cash Withdrawal (2 FREE/month) $5.00
  Transfer $5.00
Notary Free
Signature Guarantee Free
Cut off Statement, per screen $ 2.00
Replacement Statements, per statement $ 5.00
Bad Address (no activity for 6 months), per quarter $ 5.00
Address Correction (return mail) $2.00
Credit Verification $10.00
Overnight Mail $20.00
Research Fee, per hour $25.00
Levy $50.00


Fee Schedule Effective September 1, 2009.


NMLS # 405497

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